[techtalk] Re: OpenBSD vs. Debian 2.2

Tricia Bowen tbowen at capitalthinking.com
Thu Nov 2 11:22:22 EST 2000

So far, I've used Caldera's OpenLinux, RedHat's Linux 6.2, and FreeBSD
4.0. As far as unix commands go, they're all roughly the 
same. Installations are different. FreeBSD is better for networking and
security.  Linux is nicer for development. I've had trouble compiling
some java programs on FreeBSD which compiles on Linux with no problems.

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Bek Oberin wrote:

|curious wrote:
|> Jumping from Debian to OpenBSD requires a little learning curve since
|> devices/default shells and lots of commands behave diffrently and use
|> diffrent switches...
|Do you happen to know of a resource along the lines of "BSD for
|Linux Users"?
|I'd class myself as an experienced used, having had extensive
|experience with several different distributions (currently using
|Debian) but as I want to be a Sysadmin one day I recognize that I
|need to learn a few different Unices.  I'm planning on installing
|FreeBSD on a spare computer I have here and networking it to my
|existing ones, hopefully to use it as a gateway server when I get
|as far as grokking NAT etc.
|I have a book "The Comprete FreeBSD" by Greg Lehey which is
|pretty good but obviously oriented at somebody who hasn't used
|Unix before.  It's been helpful and I have read through it, but
|something that covered -just- the differences would be even


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