[techtalk] OpenBSD vs. Debian 2.2

sara ruohotie ceres at intter.net
Thu Nov 2 12:54:41 EST 2000

> "Yes, OpenBSD will run on your multiprocessor machine, but it will only
> use one processor. There currently is no support for SMP".

just to let you know: freebsd utilizes multiprocessors very fluently. 
i don't have one, but my husband has and he says he's been very 
satisfied and pleased on freebsd's SMP support.

in addition freebsd is also a *very* good webserver (i'm using it 
right now). it might not have all the good security things and 
openbsd, but it's very reliable anyway. and one good point in it too: 
it has this softupdate -thing, which makes it filesystem usage very 


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