[techtalk] argh! (gnumeric troubles)

Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Thu Mar 30 19:15:00 EST 2000

Hi Conni,

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun wrote:

> I swear, this computer is tying to kill me.  I noticed that I had a near-
> antiquated version of gnumeric, so I downloaded version .38, and tried to
  ^^^^^^^^^^                                              ^^^
hmm, this too is antiquated... gnumeric-0.51 is the current version (and
it looks very polished -- except that I don't know how to get diagrams
working, you need some external program(s?) to do that, but I forgot the
URLs (does anyone know where I can find goose and guppi?))

> install it... failed depndencies.  So I got the libraries it wanted,
> installed them, and upgraded gnumeric.  It didn't complain during the
> installation.  But now, whenever I go to run gnumeric, I get this message
> (but only if I run it from $) gnumeric: error in loading shared libraries:
> gnumeric: undefined symbol: gtk_object_get
> Not being C-inclined, I haven't the foggiest how to fix it.  I used the
> rpm's for the libraries and gnumeric (Yeah, I know, that might be the
> problem...)  ANy ideas on how to fix it?  I installed a recent version of
> gtk+ (latest stable as of last week) from source, and it took me half an
> hour to convince it to go where redhat wants its libraries.

If you wish so, I can send you the gtk+ RPMS (from my work account), or go
to http://42.fht-esslingen.de/~nils, then "Gnome Stuff" and get the SPEC
file (you have to tick up the version number) and do it yourself. There's
also stuff for gnumeric, you might have to get the following packages (in
more recent versions than I put up there):

gnumeric (0.51)
libglade (0.12, >= 0.11 needed)
libxml (1.8.6, >= 1.8.5 needed)
gnome-print (0.15 or 0.16, I forgot what's current)
gnome-libs (1.0.57, >= 1.0.56 needed)
bonobo (0.9) if you want to try out the whole components hullaballoo
recent gtk+ and glib (1.2.7)
and the rest of the "gnome supportive" stuff (ORBit, imlib, ...)

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