[techtalk] Bunch of odd messages

osadchuk at surf.pangea.ca osadchuk at surf.pangea.ca
Sat Mar 25 11:54:48 EST 2000

(The formatting is going to be a bit wonky here, since I can't
seem to d/l any mail at the moment, given the nature of the problem.)

--- start quote ---

> Unable to lock ICE authority file /home/darren/.ICEauthority
Yesterday, in a moment of brain lock, I shutoff the
computer when I intended to turn the monitor on.  The
results were exactly as you described them.

I did a         touch .ICEauthority	(using the path)
and rebooted.
No change.
Did a cold reboot and everything was back to normal.

--- end quote ---

Nope, still getting the same problem. Thanks, though...

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