[techtalk] those bloody "moderator" messages

Amanda Babcock alb at quandary.org
Wed Mar 22 12:19:56 EST 2000

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, Deb Richardson wrote:

>It appears that someone has subscribed techtalk to a moderated list at

I thought that someone had subscribed the moderated egroups list to
techtalk.  As evidence, so far only people who have posted to one of the
linxchix lists (techtalk I suppose) have seen the messages about moderated
lists.  I know that I have not (yet! :) seen one.

Is rvlug at egroups.com on the subscription list for techtalk?  If not, then
someone might have forwarded their personal email to rvlug at egroups.com,
which would be harder to track down (short of mailing a separate message
to each subscriber and seeing which one spams back).

(Geek that I am, I can't help thinking: perl script! :)


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