[techtalk] those bloody "moderator" messages

Deb Richardson deb at linuxchix.org
Tue Mar 21 23:37:02 EST 2000

It appears that someone has subscribed techtalk to a moderated list at
egroups.com.  It also appears to be a private list, because I cannot
find any information about it at egroups.com.  I've tried emailing the
rvlug at egroups.com owner, but have received no response.

I will do everything in my power to make this stop ASAP.  (I will take
it to abuse at egroups.com and have the list shut down if it comes to it).

Please, if you are the person who subscribed LinuxChix to the
rvlug at egroups.com moderated mailing list, please either a) unsubscribe
the our list from yours, or b) stop moderating your list.  I don't care
if you redirect the messages and all that, but the "moderation" notices
are simply infuriating, and are a form of spam (and we all know how
uncool spam is, don't we?)

Thank you for your consideration.

- deb (suspecting that it's been set and long forgotten :/ )

deb at linuxchix.org
deb at oswg.org
deb at dria.org

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