[techtalk] html editors

Eito Katagiri eito at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Mar 22 01:15:09 EST 2000

Hi dez,

[Also, hi to everybody since this is my first post.]

Have you tried Bluefish? If not, check out:


(You need Gtk+ library and Imlib. I assume that you are using GNOME
on Linux, so you should be able to install binary package and run it.)


On Wed, Mar 22, 2000 at 11:01:27AM +0800, dez wrote:
> hiyas peoples
> Can anyone suggest a great ( note not good but great *grin*) html
> editor..for those with win experiance I'd like something akin to hotdog
> pro..  ive been looking at tucows and a few other places but i dont
> seem to be able to get anything beyond gnotepad etc ( which is good but
> not great) i write and maintain man websites and to be honest im sick
> of crossing in to windows............  i find hotdog pro givves me the
> tools to write a page for all browsers/all platforms and all
> resolutions........................  this is so important to be able to
> view thru others eyes...............
> TIA dez (desiree)

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