[techtalk] Hangs on init - which bit of hardware ?

Steve Howes steve at borago.uklinux.net
Mon Mar 20 22:30:49 EST 2000

*** Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I don't think the first made the
post :-)

Hi all,

I am new to the list and a newbie to Linux.

6 months ago I installed SuSE v6.1 on an AMD K6-2 400MHz/96M RAM/Quantum
6.4Gb CX IDE HD.  A month or so ago I crashed it - loosing patience with
a program that was hogging the HD and CPU.  Anyway after hitting hard
reboot I was not able to get back into the system - it
would always hang just after setting the CMOS clock.

I had just made the decision that I was going to move to the GNOME
desktop from KDE and so took this situation as an opportunity to install
a publishers edition
of RH6.0.  Another no go it would hang during init. at the point of
setting up syslog.  I attempted to install a publishers edition of
Slackware 3.5 - same
problem.  Attempted a trial of Corel Linux  - same problem (if my memory
serves me well).  But . . .  but . . . Was able to install a publishers
edition of
Caldera OpenLinux 2.2. I have stuck with this for the last month or so
but now have the finances to fix my problem, which as I see it (and my
knowledge is limited :-) is a hardware problem, either the HD or the

As I still want to move to GNOME and start programming with GTK and

During all the installations I did notice once a problem that one of the
distro's didn't like my my /var partition but but was OK once I moved
the partition,
HD has been scanned for bad blocks , RAM memory modules have been
swapped in and out with no problems.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Steve    Cheltenham, UK
In love and Light we are
In darkness we are no less

Steve - Cheltenham, UK
In love and light we are
In darkness we are no less

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