[techtalk] Notice of Changes (my final cross-post, honest :)

Deb Richardson deb at mydonniebarnes.com
Mon Mar 20 13:01:13 EST 2000

Here's the deal:

The LinuxChix lists are now managed by a system called "mailman" instead
of majordomo.  They are also hosted on a new system.  All of this is
good.  On the other hand, some stuff has changed.  

The list of stuff that has changed and how this effects you is available
on the front page of http://www.linuxchix.org.

Please go read it.  Two important notes (so people can stop emailing me
about it):

  - if you want digested versions of the list, 
    you have to set this up for yourself now
    (see site for more details)
  - the reply-to field defaults have changed from 
    "list" to "poster".
       No, I am not going to change this.  
       See the note on the site for more details.

A million thanks for everyone's patience and understanding.  

- deb

deb at linuxchix.org
deb at oswg.org
deb at dria.org

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