[techtalk] mutt- help! (was: Checking e-mail on server)

Lori lori at lanae.com
Wed Mar 29 07:29:23 EST 2000

Thank you Rik, your advice helped, sort of.  My server already has a POP server
running, so I assumed I didn't need to reinstall one.

My problem is mutt:  I found the POP support part in the manual, and read about
setting pop variables in the Muttrc file.  I figured that since you have to
compile in POP support in mutt that RedHat probably did not include that, so 
I downloaded mutt1.0.1i, compiled it w/ --enable-pop and installed. Renamed the
old mutt and Muttrc files.  Edited the new Muttrc file w/ my server's IP as
pop_host.  Checked mail - it appears to leave a copy like I wanted, *if* I do
not delete the messages in mutt or move them to another folder when I exit it. 
At first I thought "success!", but no - mutt still indicates
"/var/spool/mail/username" at the bottom of the screen, and upon further
testing (changing pop info. in Muttrc to another account) it appears mutt is
still not using POP.  I know about putting a .muttrc in my home dir, I just
wanted to try this w/ the existing Muttrc first.  I assume that leaving
undeleted messages on the server is a result of my having installed a newer

Bottom line is, I think it's either ignoring the fact that I compiled in POP
support, or it's ignoring the POP settings in Muttrc.  

Again, sorry if this is brain-dead obvious, but I'm kind of
stumped for what to try next.


> Ask your sysadmin to install a POP server or install one yourself. If you 
> install your own, it'll have to run in userspace, but that's not a problem. 
> There are POP clients designed to run as a 'normal' user. See freshmeat 
> for a selection. 
> > This may sound like a stupid thing to want to do, but
> > is there any way to have it leave a copy of mail on the server (or I
> > guess, the spool, since it already is being checked from the same machine)
> > so I can download it later into KMail?
> Yes, nearly every POP client (be it a standalone util like fetchmail or
> a 'Mail User Agent' like pine, mutt etc) allows you to set an option
> to leave your mail on the remote server.
> > I'd really appreciate any opinions or advice on this, but hopefully w/out
> > starting a text-based client holy war ;)
> MUTT ! *duck* ;)
> Rik
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