[techtalk] Checking e-mail on server

Lori lori at lanae.com
Mon Mar 27 09:15:56 EST 2000

Sorry if this has been beaten to death already and I missed it, but...

My situation: In my house we have a web & mail server that runs sendmail.  I
currently use KMail, from my box on the internal network, as my e-mail client.

I would like to keep using KMail to store my mail and to check it whenever
possible, but I want to learn to use a text-based client such as mutt or pine
so that I can ssh into the server when I am away ( I commute to a university
where the only access is a roaming profile on crappy windoze 95 boxes. )  So
far so good, I can already do this, but can I get those messages into my own
box later?

This may sound like a stupid thing to want to do, but
is there any way to have it leave a copy of mail on the server (or I guess, the
spool, since it already is being checked from the same machine) so I can
download it later into KMail?  This because I am a lazy GUI weenie,
but mainly because I'd like to have access to all my old messages when I have my
main box (soon to be a laptop) but no 'net access.

I'd really appreciate any opinions or advice on this, but hopefully w/out
starting a text-based client holy war ;)


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