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Kelly Lynn Martin kelly at poverty.bloomington.in.us
Sun Mar 26 13:56:21 EST 2000

On Sun, 26 Mar 2000 13:21:53 -0500, "Caitlyn M. Martin" <caitlyn at netferrets.net> said:

>Gratuitous flaming?  In my experience, he is absolutely correct, at
>least for Gnome and E run together.  Crashes and core dumps and seg
>faults are why I now run KDE and kwm.  Gnome/E was, and so far as I
>know, still is too unstable for me to use on a daily basis.

>Now, having said that, I do think it is *very* promising, and I am
>sure they will get the bugs worked out.

>IMHO, pointing out that something still has problems and isn't quite
>polished yet doesn't qualify as "gratuitous flaming".

It's gratuitous flaming when it's thrown out as a unjustified
explanation for anomalous problems.  Nobody has any legitimate reason
to believe that GNOME is responsible for Darren's directory ownership
problem; Rik's insinuation that GNOME is responsible for it is
therefore gratuitous flaming.  Unfortuately, this has, and apparently
continues to be, a problem in the "GNOME-KDE" wars, although in my
experience a lot more of it comes from KDE advocates than from GNOME
advocates.  In any case, I don't want to see it, here or anywhere

(For the record, I use neither.)


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