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aprilk aprilk at linuxstart.com
Fri Mar 24 06:17:05 EST 2000

For netscape try looking in /opt as well, some distros I think might put it there too, which would explain why it isn't in the path. To let it be found in the path, 'ln -s <current location> /usr/bin/netscape' should work or wherever you prefer it.


Nicole Zimmerman <colby at wsu.edu> wrote:

>I can't *find* netscape, either... I have a /usr/lib/netscape but there's
>no netscape executable (especially not in my path). I haven't dug around
>too much to find it, though, mozilla has been working great (minus the
>javascript in some places).
>Anyway, thanks to the both of you for your suggestions. I'll keep digging
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