[techtalk] X/windowmaker

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Mar 23 16:25:31 EST 2000

> Check the given theme you are using as well.  Themes for windowmaker can
> change the font size.  However, these font sizes should only affect the
> window titles, and windowmaker utilities and such.  GNOM/Gtk
> applications usually use a .gtkrc / solmething else for configuring fonts
> and themes and such.

Well, I tried the suggestion made earlier and discovered that that's what
I was changing manually in one of the /usr/share/GNUStep/Defaults files.
Definitely not what I'm looking for ;o)

Also, it's not the titlebars and menu text, those look great. It's the
text that's actually appearing in the applications... things like
netscape's menus and personal toolbar text, or gaim's text in general. 

I'm using the default theme that WindowMaker gives on debian (with a few
tweaks and attempts to change font sizes) and no embellishments like gnome
or kde :o)

> Edit
>   `- Preferances
>        `-Apperance
>            `-Fonts.
> I use a 14pt times.. but this is a 21" monitor..  ;)~


I think that will only change the font that is rendered within netscape,
not the font that displays the menus and such. 

I can't *find* netscape, either... I have a /usr/lib/netscape but there's
no netscape executable (especially not in my path). I haven't dug around
too much to find it, though, mozilla has been working great (minus the
javascript in some places).

Anyway, thanks to the both of you for your suggestions. I'll keep digging


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