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dez dynamix at iinet.net.au
Wed Mar 22 16:02:56 EST 2000

sorry .........
iIdidnt know i was...............it should all be plain text..I just checked
the settings of this confounded outlook express and it is set to plain text
so I dont know how it is being sent in html.
I code from scratch too  -- and using a good HTML editor does not mean that
you dont code from scratch.BUT Let's face it....Notepad does not always cut
the mustard...especially when using a lot of graphics etc....
Sometimes it saves time to use a great editor like Hotdog.
Hotdog and its genre can be used a type of wsiwyg editor if you set it for
basic mode...However using it advanced mode and in conjunction with Notepad
you get a page for all and sundry.AND you code from scratch.

So I take it that you have no suggestions of a similar HTML editor for linux
like Hotdog ???

regardz dez

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> Hello from a fellow plug'er in Perth... :)
> Could you please refrain from posting HTML to mailing lists? :-)
> Mari, who writes her HTML code fro scratch :)
> --
> Mari Wang
> mariw at tartarus.uwa.edu.au

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