[techtalk] Dialog box problem

Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Mon Mar 20 20:43:24 EST 2000

#if Yvonne
> Hi, I am having a strange problem, and the Unix guy here has never seen
> this before.

Well, he's only a he ;)

I'd say it's likely you have a problem with your video card driver.

Update your card driver if there's a newer one available.

If this doesn't work, set some options for your driver in XF86Config
(if you're running XFree) to remove certain accelerations. If you are
runninng XFree, then the documentation for your video card, which should
mention which options are available, is on xfree86.org.

If this doesn't work, try falling back to the fbdev driver.

As a last resort, swap out that buggy card and use a Matrox ;)


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