Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Sat Mar 18 13:26:33 EST 2000

Argh.  So I reinstalled the whole bloody thing.  Thsi time I told it to go
only to cylinder 1024 (the old disk has 1046 cylinders) and unmounted
the dos partition before updating the db.  It seemed happy, except that,
for some reason, the DOS partition is mounted read-only.  Even if I
explicitly tell it to mount rw, it mounts ro.  Bah.  So I just guess that
there's something fubar with that partition.  THe rest of it appears to be
So I made sure to install all the gcc stuff, and the c compiler
*still* doesn't work.  I still get the error 'cannot create executables.'
I'm attempting to install ssh-1.2.27 from source.  Could *that* be the
trouble?  I have openssh rpm's, and rpm'ing them tells me I don't have all
the required libraries, which include esound, gtk, and something else
X-ish.  I didn't install any of them for a reason: I'm never running an X
server on this computer, and I'm sure I don't wnat to.  It's a 486 with 24
MB ram and about 500 MB of hard disk space.  I also have no mouse for it.
Anyway.  THis is my predicament.  Any more ideas?

about ready to just kick the stupid thing and have done with it.

You can't kill me.  I have a cat.



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