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Im new to the list and hazard to put my 2cents worth but it may be a
partitioning error/problem.
Im not positive but i think the "read past end block" means that the disk
geometry in your kernel doesnt match the bios....
...as i said Im not sure but it may be worth checking the bios and your
bootup files...maybe..
good luck
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> I can't say for sure, but maybe you have a bad harddrive, or harddrive
> controller?
> I got my old 486 (a packard hell, no less) up and running without any
> problem using Slackware 7. And with Slackware,  you don't have to install
> anything for X.
> On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun wrote:
> > So.  I finally got an ethernet card for my old 486 and put linux on it.
> > But there are weird problems with the filesystem, including during
> > updatedb, getting FAT errors for the dos partition and "attempt to read
> > past end of block".  And the gcc is either not there or non-functional.
> > put RedHat 6, kernel (June 1999), no X services except the libraries
> > it installed by default.  I put egcs on it, and it didn't help at all.
> > Copying the gcc from my working computer over to the old one let
> > ./configure find the c compiler, but it checks to see if it works and
> > 'no, gcc cannot create executables.'  It should have the same
> > and be the exact same file I have on my computer, which works.  (I was
> > going to upgrade the kernel, but I only have the .i686 rpm, and i don't
> > think it would be happy trying to run on a 1994 i486.)  I installed from
> > the same RedHat cd, and everything.  (Ooh, maybe it wants the
> > parts of egcs... I'll have to try that if I can't get any advice from
> > y'all... or if your advice is to include it.  ;)  )  I don't think I
> > installed the objective C on this computer, and its gcc works fine.
> > *shrug*  I give up.  It's clearly time for bed.  I'll look at it in the
> > morning, or after I get sufficient work finished (stuff due next week
> > I gotta do.)
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