Need Modem Recommendation

Ian Hall-Beyer manuka at
Wed Mar 15 14:44:58 EST 2000

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Janice Lee wrote:

> I bought a 3com/US Robotics external for about $100 from  It was
> a little more than I wanted to spend too, but it works great and I'm glad
> I got it.

The USR modems are well worth the extra cost for the peace of mind you get
from them. A tip however, make sure your phone line is even capable of
going beyond 28.8 - any line which has a digital conversion between your
location and the CO will often not go past 26.4, in which case, get
yourself a 33.6.

Also, if you look around places like eBay, you can probably pick up a used
USR Courier v.everything for 50-75 bucks. This is the UberModem. There is
very little it doesn't do. (I remember when the HST 16.8 couriers went for
well over a grand!)

Another problem I've noticed (and this has been confirmed by tech
support) is that the modems in the Apple iBook and the Apple AirPort base
don't play nicely with terminal servers that used to be X2 and were
upgraded to v.90 (they'll connect at up to 56K, but the connection is
unstable at best). 

Hope this is of help.

-Ian (modem geek)

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