Need Modem Recommendation

Rik Hemsley rik at
Wed Mar 15 19:31:52 EST 2000

#if Becky L. Norum
> Hey---
> I need to purchase a modem, preferably 56K.  I don't need anything fancy,
> just something that will work on Win and Linux.  I was very suprised in
> shopping at the local computer superstores that externals started at about
> $150 US dollars, which is a definitely more than I am able to spend.
> Under $80 would be ideal.  So I am looking for recommendations for cheaper
> externals or an internal for which linux drivers exist.  What do you use?

Cheapo modems are just fine usually. Just avoid winmodems and you'll
be ok. I used to have a very cheap (~$40) internal modem and it
was great. Caused me less hassle than the $150 version I have (that
I was given)


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