Amanda Babcock alb at quandary.org
Wed Mar 15 10:46:45 EST 2000

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Phil  Savoie wrote:

>I have a question with regards to od.  In Solaris, the command "od -c ." 
>will give ascii representation to the file names that are held by the 
>directory.  In RH6.1 this same command does not work the same way.  I have 
>to use the following "od -c *" which after reading the man page, gives 
>information about the *contents* of the file.  Is there a similar command 
>in RH6.1, that when given, will display actual filenames in ascii that are 
>held in the directory?

What would it do if you typed "ls | od -c"?

Just a guess,

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