[techtalk] bizarre

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Tue Mar 7 13:17:47 EST 2000

Interesting... I've seen a huge speed increase in using mozilla over 
using netscape here at work (pII 400 w/64MB RAM). It renders pages much 
faster (especially pages with lots of tables), it reads mail faster, and 
it's all around "faster" in general (by eye, not by benchmark). The only 
thing that's slower is starting it up... I'd imagine this would be 
because everything isn't quite finalized and lumped into one quite yet.

Mozilla doesn't like *.asp, that's my current problem... logging in to a 
website at work is just not pretty (i.e. it doesn't *get* past the login 
screen, just keeps reloading it). Maybe it's their asp, but netscape 
does it all just peachy. Haven't tried ssl or anything too testy yet ;o)


 > I've been using Mozilla at home for some time now, and it really has
 > become quite useable ... though it's slower than netscape (on an
 > amd-133 this can get annoying). If you use netscape only for browsing,
 > not mail&news, you could as well install only navigator, not
 > communicator. Actually the only thing I needed mozilla couldn't do was
 > ssl, but then there's lynx-ssl :)

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