[techtalk] bizarre

Marie Fischer fmarie at eau.ee
Tue Mar 7 21:23:09 EST 2000

On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Jeff wrote:

> Anyway, ditch communicator would be the best option.  I'm about to do
> some upgrades on my computer, and I'll also be doing a fresh install.
> So instead of netscape, I'm going to try suffering through the latest
> Mozilla milestone :)  I heard it is getting rather usable.  Anyone tried
> it yet?  Any Caveats about M14, any massive problems in the basic
> interface or any showstopping bugs?
I've been using Mozilla at home for some time now, and it really has
become quite useable ... though it's slower than netscape (on an amd-133
this can get annoying). If you use netscape only for browsing, not
mail&news, you could as well install only navigator, not communicator.
Actually the only thing I needed mozilla couldn't do was ssl, but then
there's lynx-ssl :)


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