[techtalk] SuSE and soft power again

S. D. Rosenberg indrani at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 6 20:03:50 EST 2000

V Clarke wrote:
> ...well, we've tried flashing the BIOS. Halt achieves a reboot (same as it
> did before) rather than the system powering down. Any suggestions,
> eg. kernel versions to use etc? My current kernel is 2.2.10- someone did
> suggest something about kernels before but I've lost the message,
> unfortunately.

assuming you're using s.u.s.e. 6.3:
grab 2.2.14 (or the latest pre-15, which works fine for me)
say "yes" to APM Bios support and "yes" to "power off on shutdown".
(oddly, this option seemed to be missing in the last 2.3.4x kernel
i tried...)

should work fine, assuming that your bios actually _can_ power
off on shutdown. (good test: does/did it do so under windows?)

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