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Sriram. V sriramv at ho.hclcomnet.co.in
Tue Mar 7 04:17:35 EST 2000

If I am right, iptraf gives the iptraffic on a lan or wan segment. I am
looking for a bandwidth management software, typically like Floodgate.


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>Hey Sriram,
>  Check out the iptraf command. I believe it is what you're looking for.
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>On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Rik Hemsley wrote:
>> #if Sriram-HO
>> > I have a 2 MB pipe from the ISP. Now I want to allocate this bandwidth
>> > some of my other locations. I should be able to say location a be given
>> > K, location b 25 k and so on using the bandwidth managment software.
>> > example is Floodgate.
>> Well looking at the Linux kernel config...
>> --------------------------------
>> When the kernel has several packets to send out over the network
>> devices, it has to make a decision which one to send first. This is
>> especially important if some of the network devices are real time
>> devices that need a certain minimum data flow rate. There are
>> several different algorithms for how to do this "fairly"; they are
>> called packet schedulers. If you want to stick to the default
>> scheduling algorithm, say N here. If you want to experiment with a
>> couple of different algorithms, say Y. You can then attach different
>> schedulers to different network devices. Currently, this is only
>> recommended for experts.
>> To administer these schedulers, you'll need the user-level utilities
>> from the package iproute2+tc at ftp://ftp.inr.ac.ru/ip-routing/
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