[techtalk] DHCP, cable modem, and boxen

Sally_Hutchinson at dell.com Sally_Hutchinson at dell.com
Mon Mar 6 15:52:19 EST 2000

Woohoo, finally a techtalk question I know about :)  Not sure if it works
different with different providers, but this is what I did with Roadrunner.

Unplug your cable modem and release all IPs from machines (and make sure
they're all set for DHCP... that was my big boo-boo when I couldn't get it
workin' ;p).  Keep the modem off, and restart computers just to make sure
that the IPs are actually released (you get the "no dhcp" error).  Plug the
modem directly into the hub with a x-over cable, plug the systems into the
hub, plug modem back in, wait for it to connect, and turn on your machines.
Not sure why this works, but the machines all get assigned different IP
addresses, even if you're only paying for one.  Weird.


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Anyone have any experience with using multiple boxes on a single cable
modem configured for DHCP?

There is a Win box that is able to configure and connect fine. however a
linux box attached to the same cable modem will not work.  No ip is
assigned, and no traffic can travel through the cable modem..

Thanks in advance...

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