[techtalk] everybuddy/icq trouble

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Mon Mar 6 12:18:23 EST 2000

> Well, I can't tell if this is working.  It appears not to be.  All it does
> is freeze my mouse and sit there blankly.  It's asking specifically for
> icq99 idx files, and I have an older version.  COuld this be causing the
> trouble? 

the db files from a version earlier than 99 (like 98 ;o)) are different...
I don't think there are two major revisions of icq with the *same* db file
format (I seem to remember converting mine after switching to 98 and after
switching to 99, don't want to know what the switch to icq "2000" will be 

anyone with "official" icq can convert the db files to 99 from 98... there
is a program in there that's installed (at least on the windows version)
that converts 'em for ya. I'd be willing to give it a shot on my work
computer and return you the files this afternoon if you'd like :o)

> Should I maybe just cp the file to my ~ and get it from there?
> (i'm thinking it might be an owner/read/write issue, if it'snot a
> versioning issue.)

If it wants 99 db format and you have 98, it's probably a versioning
thing... I've never had to convert a list into everybuddy from anywhere
but gaim which is plain text, so I can't be too sure, though. :o) 


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