[techtalk] everybuddy/icq trouble

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Mon Mar 6 10:55:52 EST 2000

On Mar 6, aprilk conjectured:

> >
> In the icq directory there is one called 'Db99b' if you have one of the more recent versions or 'Db' for the older ones I think, it has files in there with your icq uin. Those are your contact list and history databases.
> I don't know if everybuddy uses those or not, tho.

A ls of that directory gives me uin.dat and uin.idx.  'more'ing them gives
me garble.  If it's possible to import the file, that might work, but I
haven't seen a way to do that yet.  I can look more, though.


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