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Raven Brooke rbrooke at maine.rr.com
Thu Mar 2 20:24:52 EST 2000

Thanks for sticking with me on this, I am determined to make it work
somehow  : )

 I tried to add a filter directly to the printcap (if) and the printer
stopped working altogether; when I then looked at the Printool, it seemed
to indicate the presence of _two_ printers: the original one (no filter)
and an "identified" one (filter). I would certainly prefer to communicate
with the 'puter directly, rather than graphically, but I will use whatever

I am happy to try _any_ filter at this point, ghostscript and gcc both
seem to be working fine. Suggestions for what to try next would be much

Thanx again, rav3n

On 2 Mar 2000, Robert Kiesling wrote:
> I'm still catching up on my E-mail... sorry for not answering sooner.
> For a standard printcap, the program that is mentioned in the if=
> field should be a filter... that is, read from standard input and
> write to standard output.  I would make sure that they work from the
> command line before trying to run them from lpd via the printcap.
> Ghostscript by itself can do that, but it probably would be more
> convenient to write a small shell script as a wrapper for it.  I'm not
> sure what enscript's role is.  With that said, I think a lot depends
> on the particular print spooler, also.  In many cases, I've found that
> APSfilter works great, provided that ghostscript and gcc are installed
> properly.
> Bob
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