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Robert Kiesling kiesling at mainmatter.com
Thu Mar 2 12:39:40 EST 2000

Raven Brooke <rbrooke at maine.rr.com> wrote:

>  I checked the ghostscript docs, where enscript was recommended. So, I
> went to rpmfind and got enscript, installed the rpm, and tried to tell
> linux to use it as a filter - both by editing the printcap file and by
> means of the graphic printtool. Printer wouldn't work at all. Is there
> perhaps some better way to get the filter and printer to shake hands?

I'm still catching up on my E-mail... sorry for not answering sooner.
For a standard printcap, the program that is mentioned in the if=
field should be a filter... that is, read from standard input and
write to standard output.  I would make sure that they work from the
command line before trying to run them from lpd via the printcap.
Ghostscript by itself can do that, but it probably would be more
convenient to write a small shell script as a wrapper for it.  I'm not
sure what enscript's role is.  With that said, I think a lot depends
on the particular print spooler, also.  In many cases, I've found that
APSfilter works great, provided that ghostscript and gcc are installed



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