[techtalk] Problem with LILO & booting

moebius at ip-solutions.net moebius at ip-solutions.net
Wed Mar 1 13:20:08 EST 2000

Hey Sally,
  That is the default behavior if you put LILO on a hd partition instead
of the MBR. Kinda equivalent to saying:
LILO: linux root=/dev/hda3

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On Wed, 1 Mar 2000 Sally_Hutchinson at Dell.com wrote:

> AHA!  My DVD is bootable!  And I have a CD-RW!!!!
> Will let you know if this works tonight... thanks Jeff!
> *wondering why I didn't think of that before... duh*
> Strange though, I never get an option of what OS to load.  If the floppy is
> in the drive, it boots up Redhat like it's the only OS on my hd.  If the
> floppy isn't there, it boots up Windoze just like IT's the only OS.... Is
> that common?
> -Sally

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