[techtalk] Problem with LILO & booting

Sally_Hutchinson at Dell.com Sally_Hutchinson at Dell.com
Wed Mar 1 12:43:21 EST 2000

AHA!  My DVD is bootable!  And I have a CD-RW!!!!

Will let you know if this works tonight... thanks Jeff!

*wondering why I didn't think of that before... duh*

Strange though, I never get an option of what OS to load.  If the floppy is
in the drive, it boots up Redhat like it's the only OS on my hd.  If the
floppy isn't there, it boots up Windoze just like IT's the only OS.... Is
that common?


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> In any case, I can't boot Linux without the boot disk, and when I do,
> "starting linux" it takes about 10 minutes for all the dots to go
> across the screen.  Any hints on how to speed up my boot?  

Boot off something other than a floppy.  Zips can be made bootable, I think.

> Or on how
> to boot without the disk?  (Other than delete the 4 gigs of mp3's off
> my windows partition and move the linux partition closer to the top
> ;p)

Plug in another disk.  Find an el-cheapo 100M or something and boot off it.


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