[techtalk] How do I get rid of login screen

Davida Schiff dschiff at entrypoint.com
Mon Jan 31 09:36:36 EST 2000

Hi Karl,

No I am not mad. Thanks to all for their suggestions. I think I am going to
play with the code a bit <GRIN> and/or write a script to see if I can wipe
out the logon screen. It just seems like Linux should be able to boot right
into GNOME's desktop the way (forgive me) Windows 3.10 does. Hope everyone's
weekend was wonderful.

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> On 28.01.00, 23:10:17, Davida Schiff wrote:
> > I guess I was not clear. I am setting up this PC for
> > my mom. I want her to be able to power on and have
> > the PC go directly into the GNOME desktop. No user
> > (or root) login screen at all.  I have already
> > figured out how to get rid of the splash and help
> > screens that come up by default. This is just to
> > play games with.  Thanks again
> Hi Davida,
> please (please!) don't be angry about me: I _did_ under-
> stand you right before but I am still very sure that it
> is not a good idea to get rid of the login procedure.
> Sorry about that, but why not giving your mother a nice
> little account e.g. called 'mom' without any password
> but reserve the true 'root' account for yourself to pre-
> vent her from destroying the system by accident?
> It hard to believe for me that it would be to much work
> for her to enter 'mom' after booting linux.
> (Forgive me for being such a pest,
>  but I am sure this would be better.)
> Kindest regards,
> Karl-Heinz
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