[techtalk] How do I get rid of login screen

Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
Sun Jan 30 04:56:08 EST 2000

Kelly Lynn Martin wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Jan 2000 13:09:52 GMT, Karl-Heinz Zimmer <khz at snafu.de> said:
> >Sorry about that, but why not giving your mother a nice little
> >account e.g. called 'mom' without any password but reserve the true
> >'root' account for yourself to pre- vent her from destroying the
> >system by accident?
> The automatic login doesn't ahve to be into 'root'.  You could easily
> stick 'su mom -l -c startx' in an init file somewhere.  (Or something
> similar.  I don't assert that this command actually works.)

(nods) Set up the default X shell to autologin to her account. Then when
you need to log in as someone else, use a different virtual terminal, or
log out of the X shell.

And no, I don't know precisely how to set up the default X shell to
autologin, either. Just more blathering and stating obvious potential
solutions that limit potential hassles...

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