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> Hi guys!
>  Well, when i executed #df -m, i was surprised with the little space that
> left after my installations. So, i created hda5, linux native, with 1gb
> main linux partitions are hdb1 and hdb2 -> swap). But i've a doubt: how
> i enjoy all this new space? I know i've to moutn it using mtab, fstab...
> where should i mount it to? My first idea was /usr. But will my files be
> overwrritten, i mean, those files that are there now? And if i mount it to
> ? Does this mean that every directory, such as /usr, /home ..., will be
> enjoying that space?

Hi Gustavo;

I ran into the same issue recently, and found that the Hard Disk Upgrade
Mini-HowTo helped a lot. I found that I needed to do a little more research,
and customized the actual procedure to fit my own system, but the document
provided a lot of useful information on how to *safely* move data from one
partition to another. You can find the document at:



Dan McGarry

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