[techtalk] ipchains -- allowing specific IP's

Phil V Savoie Phil.Savoie at learnix.ca
Sat Jan 29 20:52:10 EST 2000

Hi Walt,

To answer your questions indirectly at least, may I suggest the following
url as there is an abundance of good info there:




At 12:53 29/01/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Currently I'm using ip-masquerading to pass
>internet access to my local network. 
>I assume that this must be possible, using
>ipchains... (and, btw, I don't mind reading
>the manual, but I tend to learn a _lot_ 
>easier from example type things...)
>Can I only allow certain IP addresses on
>my network to get 'out'? or, better yet,
>allow activity on only certain ports to have
>outside access?
>Thanks in advance,
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