[techtalk] Problems with my /dev/ files

Gustavo Sudre gsudre at openlink.com.br
Sat Jan 29 12:00:32 EST 2000

Hi guys!
 Since i've migrated to slack 7, i'm having problems with my /dev files.
After trying to configure my sound card following many howtos as u can
imagine (i didn't know that the problem was in /dev/audio), i installed
sndconfig. it configured my sound, but when that time to play some sample
arrived, it couldn't open my /dev/audio (oh, /dev/audio exists). BTW, i
executed sndconfig as root. Don't know if it matters. Oh, it's the same
message that x11amp prompts when it tries to open audio.
 Well, my problems don't stop right here. When i try to connect to internet
(as root -> it was only to test) with ppp-go, it worked well, as good as in
wvdial. But when i try to connect using some user id, it works well with
ppp-go, but wvdial says XGuS (the user) don't have the permission to use
/dev/modem, cua1, or tttyS1, don't matter what device i try to use.
 Ok, any clue?

Gustavo Sudre
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
UIN: 2065075
gsudre at openlink.com.br

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