[techtalk] How do I get rid of login screen

Davida Schiff dschiff at entrypoint.com
Fri Jan 28 15:10:17 EST 2000

I guess I was not clear. I am setting up this PC for my mom. I want her to
be able to power on and have the PC go directly into the GNOME desktop. No
user (or root) login screen at all.  I have already figured out how to get
rid of the splash and help screens that come up by default. This is just to
play games with.  Thanks again

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> Hi Davida,
> on 28.01.00, 22:39:59, you wrote:
> > I want to boot directly into the GNOME desktop
> > (similar to starting up a MAC). No GUI log in
> > screen either.
> > Thanks,
> Not having listened to the discussion before I am
> not sure if I get it correctly, but it seems to me
> that you want to log in into Single User Mode, right?
> Davida, are you absolutely sure you want to do that?  ??
> It's quite unnormal for a UNIX system to be started that
> way and there are some disadvantaged by doing so, I think
> it could be wise to read *some* documentation before ta-
> king such a decision: once you really know what it means
> you might(?) rather decide to accept the annoying login
> procedure...  ;-)
> cheers,
> Karl-Heinz
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