[techtalk] How do I get rid of login screen

Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at snafu.de
Fri Jan 28 22:41:53 EST 2000

Hi Davida,

on 28.01.00, 22:39:59, you wrote:

> I want to boot directly into the GNOME desktop
> (similar to starting up a MAC). No GUI log in
> screen either.

> Thanks,

Not having listened to the discussion before I am
not sure if I get it correctly, but it seems to me
that you want to log in into Single User Mode, right?

Davida, are you absolutely sure you want to do that?  ??

It's quite unnormal for a UNIX system to be started that
way and there are some disadvantaged by doing so, I think
it could be wise to read *some* documentation before ta-
king such a decision: once you really know what it means
you might(?) rather decide to accept the annoying login
procedure...  ;-)


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