[techtalk] Newbie question continued..

Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
Tue Jan 25 12:30:29 EST 2000

SallyCalich at aol.com wrote:
> I tried adding my ISP's DSN IP address to etc/resolv.config
> Same results.
> I tried a few more things...
> My kppp stats indicate that I do have a local and remote ip address, so I
> assume my ppp connection is OK.
> I pinged my ISP's DSN IP and got "network is unreachable"
> I pinged my local and remote ip addresses  and they looked OK.
> I tried entering just an ip address in netscape and it gave me...
> "A network error occured, unable to connect to server, TCP error, Network is
> unreachable"

DNS. Domain Name Server. (I suspect this is what you meant.)

Is your remote IP address the address of the ISP end of the modem line?

Are you gatewaying through that remote IP address?

If the answers to both are 'yes', then I suspect there may be a problem at
the ISP end. How good is their helpdesk? If it's good, start talking to
them. If it's lousy, we'll rack our brains for other possible problems at
this end.

If you're not gatewaying through the remote IP address, or don't know what
gatewaying is, say so and someone here will probably have told you how to
fix it before I get back to my mail. :)

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