[techtalk] MP3's and my laptop

Terri Oda spot at ottawa.com
Sun Jan 23 11:31:16 EST 2000

This isn't, strictly speaking, a linux problem, since it occurs in both
win98 and linux (rh 6.1).

My computer is a laptop (a Eurocom 3100c, specifically, with a mobile
celeron under the hood) using a maestro sound card.  It plays CDs
beautifully and seems to have no problem with wav files or anything
else... until I come to mp3's.  Winamp skips, as did the other player I
tried in windows, as do mpg123 and xmms under linux... however, windows
media player works beautifully.   

So it's obvisously not impossible for my computer to play mp3's, it's
just that there's something different about windows media player... can
anyone hazard a guess as to what it is?  My thought was that it had to
do with the decryption algorithm used in these varying players, but I
really don't have any way of knowing... And, of course, is there
anything I can do to make things work correctly in any player?

 -> Terri

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