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Karina Hould karina.hould at discreet.com
Sun Jan 23 02:43:50 EST 2000

sorry cat was on the key board and I sent this out with out realising it.

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Ta raison, je me suis endormis... et j'ai eut une appelle vers 22:00 pour me
demander si je voulais sortire mais j'ai dit non.
on sort au casino demain soir peut'etre

je tappelle demains


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     First, sorry for posting this to grrltalk originally.  :^[  It was late, I
was tired and frustrated, and I didn't look where I was sending it.  Sorry.

     Second, thanks for the help! :^)  I added:  append="hdc=ide-scsi"  to
/etc/lilo.conf  and then I tried to access /dev/scd0 rather than /dev/sr0.
I haven't tried it yet, but all the configurations are being reported as
correct.  (It'll take me a while to go through the docs for the cd-burner

Thanks again!!!! :^) :^) :^)


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