[techtalk] ipchains logs and nmap audit (fwd)

Robert Kiesling rkiesling at mainmatter.com
Sun Jan 23 02:56:06 EST 2000

Beverly Guillermo <mezanin at home.com> writes:

> I was looking at the ipchains manpage and I got this about the option that
> you're using.
>        -l, --log
>               Turn  on  kernel logging of matching packets.  When
>               this option is set for a  rule,  the  Linux  kernel
>               will print some information of all matching packets
>               (like most IP header fields) via printk().
> What exactly is printk()?  I haven't found any information about that
> particular function.

It's a re-entrant printing function that doesn't use the run-time C
libraries.  Kernel hackers use printk()when they need to output
something, and the libraries are inaccessible or may interfere with a
kernel-level function.


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