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coder coderman at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 22 08:46:17 EST 2000

"Jenn V." wrote:
> Jamie Walker wrote:
> >
> > Most Linux based CD-R(W) software can only talk to SCSI devices. To get
> > them working under Linux, you use SCSI emulation whereby the kernel
> > "converts" an IDE device on the bus into a SCSI device that the
> > applications talk to. You don't need an IDE driver in this situation.
> In that case, I don't use 'most Linux-based CD-R software' - because I've
> never faced this situation. Maybe the fact that I've never run into it is a
> Debian thing? Perhaps?

actually CDrecord uses SCSI commands.  All your IDE burners are ATAPI
compliant (well, the vast majority) which is SCSI commands over IDE. 
So, with SCSI emulation loaded.

If you never encountered this problem you havent used cdrecord, or
perhaps your using newer versions of X-CDRoast / gcombust / cdrecord
which can support ATAPI IDE burners without scsi-emu.  However, this is
a very recent addition and im not sure what software supports it.

Have you made sure your not using sg or scsi-emu modules when burning
cd's via lsmod?  Perhaps the kernel auomounter is handling this for you

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