[techtalk] CD-R Problems

coder coderman at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 22 03:50:55 EST 2000

> Stephan Zaniolo wrote:
> >
> > I have a Hewlet Packard CD-Writer Plus 8100i that
> > I'm trying to set up.  (I'm not trying to get the CD-RW feature to work,
> > just the CD-R)  It's an IDE drive.  I started with "Installing an IDE CD-R

Once you get SCSI-Emulation setup you should be able to use both

> > Under Linux" from LinuxGurus.org.  I disabled the IDE CD-ROM driver,
> > activated SCSI Emulation, and turned on SCSI CD-ROM drivers and SCSI
> > Generic Support (no modules, I haven't progressed that far yet).

You dont need to explicitly disable IDE support, this could and probably
will cause other problems.  All you should need to do at this point is
tell the system at bootup that /dev/hdc or whatever is using SCSI-emu. 
Do this with a kernel paramter passed via lilo or other bootprog.


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