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Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 20 12:13:34 EST 2000

I don't know where this is set, but sometimes the machine will not
accept remote logins as root.  You probably already realize this and
have this feature turned off if you're trying this, but I thought I'd
mention it just in case...


In message <20000120080253.A22196 at attglobal.net>, Subba Rao writes:
>I have downloaded OpenSSH and am trying to get it to work. The sshd is started
> in .xinitrc.
>After logging in, the 'ps' command does list it:
>(0)root at myhost:~ => ps waux | grep ssh
>root     18615  0.0  0.8  1424  536 ?    S    Jan19   0:01 sshd -f /usr/local/
>etc/sshd_config -h /usr/local/etc/ssh_host_key
>After that, I am issuing the ssh-agent command. I have tried 2 options.
>$ ssh-agent bash
>$ ssh-agent login
>The instance of ssh-agent seem to be valid only for that xterm. Once the xterm
> is
>terminated, the ssh-agent is terminated too.
>The keys (identity file) have been generated. Then I add the keys using ssh-ad
>(0)root at myhost:~ => ssh-add      
>Need passphrase for /root/.ssh/identity
>Enter passphrase for root at myhost: 
>Identity added: /root/.ssh/identity (root at myhost)
>When I try to login from NT, using TeraTermPro+TTSSH or Putty, the system says
> invalid
>password. I have tried the user's Linux password and the SSH key passphrase.
>The system log has the following entry.
>Jan 20 07:36:23 myhost sshd[21993]: Failed password for ROOT from p
>ort 2483
>Jan 20 07:36:27 myhost sshd[21993]: Received disconnect: 
>What am I doing wrong here? How do I establish the SSH session between the Lin
>and NT boxen?
>Thank you in advance for any help.
>Subba Rao
>subb3 at attglobal.net
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