[techtalk] News Reader Question

Stephan Zaniolo eaglefeather at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 13 19:39:06 EST 2000

	I have just switched over to xrn as my news reader, but I had been using
K-news (and before that X-News under Windows :^).  Both news readers think
my e-mail is login at localhost.  How do I change this to my correct e-mail
address?  (And I don't want to re-type it every time I'm going to send a
message.)  Also, I noticed in xrn that it has a "path" line that contains
localhost!login.  What does this mean?  Should I change it?  How do I
change it?  I don't have a local news server (I'm still migrating from
windows), everything is read straight from, and sent straight to,

Thanks in advance,

PS.  If it matters, I'm running Red Hat 6.1, October GNOME, and kernel 2.2.12.

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