[techtalk] Pine and Reply-to

Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
Fri Jan 14 07:25:52 EST 2000

V Clarke wrote:

> However, asking about this on my local comp.advice newsgroup started an
> argument: one person said it's the list admin's responsibility, another
> said it's my job to filter them out, and yet a third wanted to know what
> the first two were on about and why on earth couldn't people just be more
> careful about pruning the headers before they hit Send.

Hm. I don't think the list admin /can/ do much about it - on this list, for
instance, if I hit 'reply' I just get the list. If I hit 'replyall' I get
let's check ... just the list again. Hmmmm....

So I suspect it's a function of the end-user's mail. Do this experiment
with the various lists you're on - see what you get when you hit

Certainly the list admin can't do anything about it once the end user has
hit their preferred 'reply' button. And given that some people WANT to get
the duplicate mail, and some don't, it's impossible for them to please
everyone. :/

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