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Did you use the hosted version or did you manage the software yourself?
Someone else at our company uses the hosted version; I installed our own
copy.  We had issues with it, but these all stemmed from the fact that we
were running it on NT and had Access as the database.  Once the database got
to a certain size, Access does what Access does (which is not good) and we
got the same results you describe.  The other dept. that is using their
hosted service has not had that problem (of course, they're using the
knowledge base portion, not the task tracking portion).

As far as I know, we were their first customer that really wanted to turn
what was primarily a knowledgebase product into a help desk product, and we
really appreciated the time they put into talking to us about the features
we wanted.  All in all it was a positive experience. We have since
outsourced the IS help desk function (task tracking and phone-based tech
support) to another organization, though, that is using one of those really
expensive help desk packages to track things.  We did that so that our staff
could focus on doing things rather than on tracking things.  It's worked
wonders for morale.


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> I've used that before and have not had such happy luck.  It will "white
> screen" at times, loosing info from the tech and/or customer.  I love the
> way it's laid out and organized, and the way it works when it does work,
> but if you don't want to lose information, don't use it.
> Cindy

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