[techtalk] Bug tracking/Change orders

Nicole colby at wsu.edu
Mon Jan 10 17:12:13 EST 2000

I believe bugzilla *does* track feature requests.


"What Is Bugzilla?

Bugzilla is a database for bugs. It lets people report bugs and assigns
these bugs to the appropriate developers. Developers can use bugzilla to
keep a to-do list as well as to prioritize, schedule and track

Not all 'bugs' are bugs. Some items in the database are known as
Enhancement Requests or Requests For Enhancement (RFE for short). An RFE
is a bug whose severity field is set to 'enhancement'. People often say
'bug' when they mean 'item in bugzilla', so RFEs often get wind up  being
called bugs. Enter the tasks you're planning to work on as enhancement
requests and bugzilla will help you track them and allow others to see
what you plan to work on. If people can see your flight plan, they can
avoid duplicating your work and can possibly help out or offer feedback. "

> Does anyone know of a Web-based system for tracking bugs and feature
> requests?  For example, I know about Bugzilla, but I think it only tracks
> bugs and not feature requests. Thanks!
> Jen

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